Kong Lor Travel Experience Could be Close Encounter with the Jewel in Asia’s Crown

Southern Laos is known in the traveling world as the jewel in Asia’s crown. It is the ultimate for any lover of travel and tourism. It has the world heritage temples, only freshwater dolphins available in the entire world, extremely stunning Mekong River and the nearer waterfalls, and above all; some of the loveliest locations in Laos. To sum up the Southern Laos tours have something to offer for every type of visitors that could be sole visitor, a traveler with family and friends, or those on romantic encounter.

Kong Lor travel experience

Launching Point of Southern Laos Tours

Launching point for the traveler’s tour to Southern Laos is the sleepy town of Pakse that is only one hour flight from the capital city of Vientiane. Two hour’s drive from Pakse can lead the visitor to Verdant Coffee farm in the Bolevan Plateau. On the way one can experience the Tad Fane waterfalls. In addition; there are solar powered eco lodges and elephant ride to Mount Phau Asa enjoying excellent scenario on the way.

Kong Lor Travel Experience for Travelers

Enjoying short local ferry crossing that takes the travelers across the Mekong River to the Champasak province that houses the Wat Phou heritage temples. In addition; one of the rare feelings for the visitors and travelers would be the Kong Lor travel experience. Many travelers and visitors arrive in Laos for having these experiences including both sightseeing as well as eco tourism.

For experiencing a close encounter with the jewel in the crown of Asia the travelers and visitors need the support of a reliable and reputable tour operator in Laos and information for comparing and taking an informed decision regarding tourism in Laos.

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